World cup Keep Ons


I’m taking a minute, to give some strength, from here, using my way, to those who deserve it:

To teams, and to people

Keep on going Argentina! For the first time in a long time (really long long time: 24 years!), we’re in semifinals, which is the 1st that meets the eye, but we also playing the SEVEN matches in a world cup!We’re making history. Let’s continue on this path!

We’re making sport history, I know that maybe, arguably, it’s not the kind of history that’s important for a coutry, but it is the more passionate for us!

Keep on going Costa Rica! Keep making history! And by analyzing how are you fighting again Ntherlands, I hope you’ll make a statue to your goalkeeper. And it wasn’t easy, but a remarkable situation to survive the 1st. phase: you were in the ‘group of death’, with 3 ex-world champion teams. OMG!

Keep on going Bélgica, Colombia, México y Suiza! I honestly think that you have lost with honour!

Keep on going Neymar! Lack of justice, Lack of fair play. You were just a victim. Your absence hurts. And I quote emotive words from Alejandro Sabella “When a great player is not present, soccer drops a tear”. Pure poetry.

Keep on going Pekerman! TYou did great in Colombia. Thanks for your world-class soccer. And also for your tears on your last interview after the match VS Brazil!

Keep on going Sabella! What an extra-ordinary guy! So smart and humble, that he doesn’t seem from Argentina. Hahah!! I hope you make us reach our third soccer world cup!f

And the hardest of all: Keep on Going Tití Fernández: Try to get the strength from whenever you may think!

Thank you all !

José Negreira

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  1. Que lindas palabras José!!!!! Me encanta como escribis!!! Comparto tus pensamientos!! Besos!!!

    1. Muchas gracias Tamara, qué bueno que te pasaste por aquí. Gracias por compartir tus pensamientos, ojalá lo compartas entre tus contactos también jejej!

      Gracias en serio, por tomarte el trabajo de hacerme llegar tu opinión. 🙂

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