The most important thing in life


After so long without writing, I’ve read again all the subjects that I’ve been writing about. And I found myself surprised of not writing a particular article about what I consider it’s the most important thing in life.
(Small update: actually, I did write once about it, but it was not an exclusive article, like this one)

The article picture is a spoiler, but let’s pretend that you did not see it.

People consider other people as the most important.
People consider health as the most important thing.
People consider money as the most important thing.

Now, all the above is REALLY important. However, there is something that is IMHO more important, because of
And that is time.

Health comes and goes, according to our discipline.
Money also comes and goes.
Even people come and go. Some to never return again.

But time does not come and go. People has only one direction. Time comes once, and goes once, and it NEVER returns.
The quote of “make up for lost time” is an oxymoron.

Right, you think that you make up for lost time if you do things faster today July 31st.
But you won’t have again the hours you wasted yesterday on July 30th.

Although I consider the most important thing I have, I’ve usually waste it, and I probably continue wasting it.
It would be great to use time trying to be happy, and make happy to the people that we consider important.
Without risking our health, and with a responsible use of money (as I may probably have said somewhere before, money is for use, not for waste).

Making the above less abstract: one day has 24hs, you have 2 ways to not waste time:

  • doing exactly what you’ve planned (and maybe achieving objectives)
  • reaching ‘eternal instants’ (right, another oxymoron).

Believe me, if you can achieve something of these two, I am preety sure that by the end of day, you won’t feel that you’ve wasted your time.


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