Ten SMALL things than can make a HUGE positive impact in your life

ID-100159198-change This is one of the most important things I’m going to write. Why? Because it describes my not so basic instincts and priorities. I’d really LOVE to know what you think. And of course, feel free to disagree. Here we go. The ten SMALL things that can make HUGE positive impact in your life are:

  1. Embrace the importance of your most important resource you have: TIME!
  2. Embrace the importance of health
  3. Embrace importance of love
  4. Embrace importance of money…as a tool.
  5. Manage advices
  6. Manage experiences involving any knowledge transfer
  7. Manage rejection and disagreement
  8. Manage effective communication
  9. Embrace risk. Pick yourself
  10. Embrace generousity (received and given)

1. embrace the importance of your most important resource you have: TIME!

Ok, let’s talk about time. Time is the most most most (please, feel free to insert any additional ‘most’ here to extra emphasize) most most important thing in your life. You disagree? It’s ok! This is MY oppinion, I’m not asking you to agree, I’m just asking you to just think about it. Health? Money? Those come and go in a cycle. But time goes a single path and a single direction. Time only goes by, and you cannot go back in time (at least not yet, at the moment of writing this blog post). So: Evaluate how you are using your time. Do you have next objectives established for your life? No. Well, start with that. If you are moving. Evaluate your move: Are you heading towards your objective? If you aren’t, you’re getting away from it!

2. embrace the importance of health

You have to live within your body until you die. People spend too much money in having a top house. What about a top body? I’m not talking about beauty, but health. Your health should be in first place, ALWAYS. I’d love to make understand this to my mum, because she usually compromised her health for other’s health. Please, do not confuse this with being selfish, please. I have a nice example for this: Remember the oxygen mask in the plane. Maybe not everyone knows this, but…they INSIST that you have to put your mask first, and once you are safe,  then and just then, assist your kids, when you’re ready. Why? Because you can get out of oxygen, and who are you going to help?! It makes sense! You can’t help others if you’re not 100%. Thanks for your help, mum! But… There’s no mum help, if there’s no mum health (José Negreira dixit)

3. Embrace importance of love

Third more important! Some clarification, I’m mostly talking about people. But it’s not ONLY about people. Please, check if what you’re doing now (which actually is using both of the above important items: time, and health),  is currently helping some of the items below: – People – Other living creatures (pets) – Things – And the biggest category of all: Your Dreams!! This is your fuel for all what you do. It may involve people, and also things or ideas that you don’t have yet.

4. embrace importance of money…as a tool.

All the above (time, health, love), is for me, more importan than money. But, we need to face that money is important. Actually, without it, you may risk it all. You need it for your basic elements. Have some financial behavior and knowledge. Some people LOVES money. But money is a tool. Some people may love hammers, screwdrivers, and other tools. I just don’t. I just USE money. Think in your future & live the present. Which in money language, means: SAVE some money, and please SPEND some other. Use it as a tool…for …accomplishing your dreams …making you save time & effort.

5. Embrace advices, but not without analyzing

Everyone loves to give an advice, but not everyone loves receiving them. And even less those advices NOT REQUESTED. And advice from someone, is based on his/her own experience, it may: – suit perfectly with your situation – may suit – may NOT SUIT at all! Consider that please! By the way, I’m planning to write about this in detail. Wait for next post 🙂

6. Embrace experiences that may involve knowledge transfer

This one is from Jim Rohn: ALWAYS read books, go to seminars, listen to audio books, watch movies, go to theaters, etc, etc. Or simply…talk to people. Welcome experiences, as you don’t know where is the small thing that unlocks your next level in life.

7. Embrace rejection and disagreement.

Ohh… acceptance!  What a comfortable feeling. Oh! Look! My picture has 3450 likes! Yummy! 🙂 Good for you. But please, do have a slap of reality: I mentioned above a great scenario, but people has their own problems, they usually do not HAVE to pay attention for what you do. And if they pay attention, they don’t HAVE to agree. Did you know that? So next time…when you have an idea, THINK: Here’s the deal: think by default that yours, is the worst idea in the market. Why? Because if your idea is the best ‘from scratch’, then it doesn’t have any room for growing!! Put your idea with the rest of ideas ‘in the market’, and if it’s better, it MAY stand out, and it MAY grow. Be humble. And optionally, you may have patience. How much time? It’s up to you! Seth Godin mentions a colorful note about TWITTER: Twitter success? Oh yes, it’s great NOW. But, it was a complete and total failure for two years! Nobody used it!! What if TWITTER owners, just sit and waited some weeks, or some months without any hope? They’d say “Hey guys…this is not working, I think we should quit this project”. And they say Sometimes you have to listen to people, and sometimes you have to ignore them. As, PEOPLE hates to be slave of limits. Who would like to be a slave of a 140 character limit?? and also PEOPLE changes. Now there are millions of these ‘140 char limit slave’, and of course, I’m one of them 🙂

8. manage effective communication.

Jim Rohn said: Ask!!! Easiest way to learn is ASKING. You can be a good reader, but also be a good ASKER. George Bernard Shaw: The only problem of communication is THINKING that it was accomplished successfully. You sent a message that didn’t go well? So, the issue is not always in the receiver, or in the channel.

9. embrace risk. Pick yourself

Once again, I must quote my biggest internet idol, Seth Godin, this time, he is quite plain, and he siply insists “pick yourself”. Internet had changed the rules of the world, and actually changed the world itself. It’s not that hard to publish a book, not that hard to make a music album. Not that hard to generate a community (or tribe, using Seth’s words). You can do it by yourself. On the other hand, if you have the will, if you have the passion. Do NOT postpone it. Other internet idols (Jim Rohn / Tony Robbins) said: Take action. Go. Do it NOW. Actually, maybe within a week, the anxiety stops, there’s not the need to do THAT project. In a month, you don’t have any passion at all. In a year, it’s just a forgotten idea, a dream that never came true. Which is the right time? RIGHT NOW! And a deep quote: Boats are safer staying in the harbour, but that’s not the purpose of boats!

10. Embrace generousity (received and given).

THANKS is a powerful word. What a pity that it’s not usually used, as it should be! Acknowledge when someone helped you, when someone made you grow. Let that person know the GOOD impact he/she made. Thank everyone. On the other hand: please consider that maybe the impact in your life is so big enough that saying ‘thanks’ is just not enough. Maybe that person was really outstanding. He/she may have helped you, and others as well. So? How do you acknowledge that? I’m sure will find how. Buy him/her that book, Invite his/her to have dinner/lunch, go ahead with that LinkedIn recommendation, I would NOT SAY AT ALL ‘give him/her some money’, but…if you want to consider, it can be an option. On the other hand: Your life is quite a treasure. I feel SURE that you CAN help someone, and you have something worth sharing as well, something that can be good for your family, your friends, your city, your country, your world. Do GOOD instead of EVIL. It may be harder, but it’s nicer and better. Used picture for this blog post, was created by David Castillo Dominici. Thanks for your comments!

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  1. Me gusta este post para opinar, y ya que pedís opiniones, va la mía.
    Dos cosas antes: perdón por los desacuerdos, y perdón por irme por las ramas. Siempre me pasa, siempre lo hago, no lo voy a poder evitar. Va uno a uno.

    1. En líneas generales estoy de acuerdo. Creo que lo más importante es saber determinar si un momento es productivo o improductivo, y en ambos casos, exprimirlo al máximo. Agregaría también que pretender ser productivo todo el tiempo es un gravísimo error. Y también creo que elegir ser improductivo todo el tiempo no es un error, es perfectamente válido.
    2. Muy de acuerdo con el prinicipio. Ahora, también creo que la salud es como un bien, que en determinados casos podrías llegar a querer entregar a cambio de otra cosa. Y eso no está mal, mientras uno decida concientemente hacerlo. En este sentido, creo que la felicidad está por encima de la salud.
    3. El amor es importante, pero yo sí creo que solamente el amor a la gente. El amor a las cosas o los animales lo veo como algo secundario y hasta a veces nocivo. Amar personas es mucho más difícil, pero también mucho más gratificante. Si hablamos de cuestiones abstractas: sueños, ideales, etc. ahí también estoy de acuerdo en que se requiere amor.
    4. Hay que saber manejar el dinero. Cierto. Ahora, el verdadero “ninja del dinero” es el que no lo necesita. Dificilísimo, casi imposible, pero no dudo que ese es un estadío superior. Como bien diría el abuelo Simpson: “Si puedes apostar toda tu fortuna al azar, a un moviemiento de una ruleta y perder, y volver a intentarlo sin hacer queja alguna de tu pérdida el mundo es tuyo y todo lo que hay en él.”
    5. Totalmente de acuerdo. Hay que absorver de todos lados. Hay una frase que me gusta: “aprende de los errores de los demás, no vas a tener tiempo de cometerlos a todos”.
    6. A mi criterio, sigue la idea del anterior punto. En el sentido de abrirse lo más posible.
    7. Prefiero: haz lo que te guste, lo que te llene e ignora tanto la aceptación como el rechazo. O el viejo y querido: “sé vos mismo”. Esto es igual que el tema del dinero, cuanto menos una persona necesite la aprobación del resto, mejor es.
    8 También de acuerdo. El tema de la comunicación es muy complejo. Si solo nos comunicamos con el lenguaje estamos perdiendo muchísimo. El lenguaje es una jaula necesaria.
    9. Este punto creo que es una consecuencia del manejo del tiempo, del amor, de ser uno mismo, de ignorar la aceptación y el rechazo. Cumplidas esas premisas es fatal hacer y vivir como uno quiere.
    10. Con lo que me cuesta manejar la generosidad, no solo estoy de acuerdo si no que me declaro en falta.

    Saludos, muy bueno el post…

    1. Fernando,

      Gracias, gracias, y más gracias!

      la verdad que me saco el sombrero por tremenda respuesta. Muchas gracias por tomarte el laburo de hacerlo. Tengo para decirte:
      1) te sobra pasta para editar tu propio blog.
      2) tu mensaje, opina TANTAS cosas, y con tanta altura que es un desperdicio, o al menos le queda chico la categoría de ‘comentario’
      3) Con esto, quiero decirte que podrías extenderte más en TU propio blog.
      4) Ojalá que todos los comentarios que reciba sean así de profundos,

      En líneas generales estoy de acuerdo con lo que mencionás, que son otras aristas u otra óptica de lo que veo.
      Lo que sí, debo decirte, que no me agrada promover la idea de ser un ‘ninja del dinero’. En este mundo capitalista, creo que no se puede prescindir de él, aunque nos pese. Bien por aquellos que lo consiguen, pero yo no pasaría por eso. De hecho tampoco me interesa intentarlo siquiera. Pero bueno, opiniones opiniones 🙂

  2. Coincido mucho, xousiño.
    y me atrevo a dejar mi humilde y muy breve pensamiento… cosas que descubrí con el tiempo, y sigo puliendo..

    aprender a no procrastinar,
    andar con humildad -pero no de la exterior,
    y ser agradecido por todo lo que somos… incluyendo nuestros defectos (sin celebrarlos) y hasta por lo que no tuvimos la suerte de ser, pero quisiéramos haber sido.

    1. Aprender a no procastinar?? JA!

      Y yo que me creía especial por saber el significado de ese término. Tocaste una llaga importante en mi vida.
      Me tendría que tatuar ‘aprender a no procastinar’ en la frente, así me lo veo en el espejo todos los días.

      Lo de la humildad, lo menciono en el mensaje.

      Debo disentir, respecto a agradecer los defectos. No sé si llegaría hasta el punto de agradecerlos. Está claro que son un desafío, superarlos, pulirlos, corregirlos o bien hasta aceptarlos. Ni tampoco usaría la palabra suerte. Uno es responsable de lo que hace con su vida (pese a lo que le toca). Tenés que apuntar a ser lo suficientemente groso, como para NO DEPENDER de la suerte, a lo sumo aprovecharla como viento de cola, pero nada más.

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