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Beware of SEO – Serious Excessive Obviousness


I know that ignoring SEO can be a shoot in the foot, nowadays.

You cannot simply consider this deal at all: You ignore SEO, and search engines will ignore your site. Therefore, potential new users will ignore your site too.

What is the problem here?
I am not sure if it’s too obvious, or if I started looking to web sites with ‘Search Engine eyes’, but the result is that I can be easily pissed off.

I don’t know you, but I try to take care of my eyes. I don’t need obvious content.
And from time to time, it happens again!

Let’s say that I searched some information about “SOME PLACE” to visit. The result is something like this:

If you want to travel to SOME PLACE, don’t forget to consider our great discounts at SOME PLACE. You may probably ask if there is a good weather at SOME PLACE. That question, is part of the frequently asked questions about SOME PLACE.
And the answer to that question is that the weather during summer at SOME PLACE is excellent.

By the way, I’ve been there. No, not at “SOME PLACE”, but… unfortunately I have been that kind of webmaster who generated that kind of content.
And after my 15 minutes of fame, which in this context means being in the 1st. page of search results, Google finally sent my page, to the place it deserves, which is having dozens of pages before mine.
Bonus track: The search list

If redundant content is not enough, we can also annoy human visitors with this:

The searches that led to this page, of course!
(Seriously???!!! Completely irrelevant)

  • hotels in SOME PLACE
  • cheap hotels in SOME PLACE
  • questions about SOME PLACE
  • weather at SOME PLACE
  • etc.. in a never ending scroll. Pity.

Please, remember that your website CONTENT should be written for users, and not for search engines. And, if you are smart enough, you can create content that will make both happy. No one will be pissed off. A win/win/win situation for the user, the search engine, and your site.

Oh, you’re doing great at SEO. Ok, just don’t forget the user!

SEO and REDIRECTIONS easily explained

seo-concept But, first, some important words, for those who KNOW, use, implement, and ask for SEO. SEO is important. HOWEVER, if success of your site and/or business depends ONLY on search engine results, you may have a bad time. Actually, CONTENT is king. I honestly think that with great content, and a solid user base, you can have a good time. But again, SEO is so important, that it should NOT be ignored/discarded, and not so great glorify it, and not so reliable to be the center of your business model. I said the same twice, to highlight the idea. Continue reading

The absolute truth about internet

Monkey Smells ass and falls down

I have been an internet user for about 20 years. And I know a fact about it. You also know it, but I can tell you that particularly in this year, 2014, I was able to experiment and LIVE it. I’m talking about the following fact:

Internet sites, which include of course social networks and video sites like Youtube are useful for more important things that watching a falling monkey after smelling his own ass.

Right, you already know this! Maybe not the detail about the monkey, but…  So, there’s nothing new under the sun.

Despite we have access to material: books, blog articles, tutorials, papers, courses, trainings and a almost infinite etcetera…what do we do? We just keep watching the last video clip where the popstar dances semi naked… or well the classic video of the falling monkey.

I would love to say that if I had access to this apparently useful material, and the tools during my first years at school I would be like Einstein. But that is a big LIE, as I also fall in the tentation of the monkey video. It’s not about the available material, but only the will to use it wisely, and of course, the ability to WISELY choose the useful, instead of just waste time and have fun (which is sometimes a need, and it has nothing bad by itself!)

I hope to contribute with my thoughts. Hopefully you find my thoughts interesting, worth discussing or even worth sharing. But it’s up to you.

Welcome :)