So you’re an adult but still want to celebrate kid’s day? Deserve it!


So you’re an adult, but still want to celebrate kid’s day? Deserve it!

Kids have some great skills than unfortunately when you grow up, they get lost, or in the best case scenario: diminished.

I think that successful people keep somehow these skills. Hey! I’m not saying that it’s magical, but they may help you 🙂

1. Kids try until they get it.

They want THAT present. They won’t stop until they get it. They have the patience of a spider. Adults, after several rejections in a row. They simply give up.

2. Kids dream big. They have IMPRESSIVE goals

Ok, some of the dreams are not possible, let’s face it. But many dreams, not only are factible, but they CAN be real, and they may become your way of living, eventually working and living happily ever after.

Fairy Tales DO exist. But you need to make them happen. This means that a good starting point, is to avoid the self-limitation that is produced right after the idea arrives. And yes, the idea usually and quickly dies.  You don’t leave a chance even to get outside your mind. Too crazy to be real!

3. Forget fairy tails – for REAL goals, they also have LIMITLESS imagination

Simply: adults find a long list of reasons making things unlikely to work.

Probably talking with yourself, and receiving responses such as:

  • It won’t work
  • It will be difficult
  • I failed several times before

Kids, despite of asking: WHY NOT?  they will find a long list of reasons that explain why their idea MAY work. See the difference 🙂

4. Kids do inmature (innocent) things that lead to ABSOLUTE happiness.

There was a time where the heaviest risk, is people laughing at you. If it wasn’t a hard experience, for the bad reasons. Two months later: completely forgotten!

I can remember a video of a couple grown of an old man and woman. They are having fun with the shopping cart, in a supermarket parking lot.

So, why not? You’re grown up to evaluate risks. If it’s ok, if it doesn’t hurt anyone. The only problem is fear of people laughing at you.

As an adult, now with the only shopping cart that you play, is in the one of an e-shopping system! HAHA!


Life is too short to take it 100% seriously!

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