Selective sensitivity of environment

Using difficult words, I thought about naming it: selective sensitivity of environment.
In easy words: know what to pay attention, and what not.
This is something common, and people that REACH their objectives have this ability. Worldwide known people, and anonymous ones. And it goes far beyond just focusing: these ‘different’ people can decide where to put their attention, in a very smart way.

So this has two parts: what we do, and what we stop doing.
Besides performint their tasks effectively, these people can effectively ignore:
– distractions
– detractors
Seth Godin, Jim Rohn, and some anonymous teachers that I’ve been lucky to have just focus on the ones that pay attention, on the ones that believe, on the ones that matters.
There will always be a group (small or not) of people that is not focused, is out of place. The trick is to avoid dedicating our energy to this people, but to the ones that believe in your idea and/or in you.
Important clarification: Unfortunately, I also met some anonymous teachers whose classes were really nasty, bad bad bad. It seems that their environment sensibility was turned off. And I wondered: why don’t you activate it? The class is a failure!
So, what if NO ONE believe in you? Keeping this ability active during 100% negative circumstances, is not just one step more… it is a gift!!
Not everyone is able to do this, and this may be the keys for success.
I remember an simultaneous interview to Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, where Jobs mentions, that people that reaches success, are a bit crazy. Why? Because they persist, in situations where common people, just simply GIVE UP.
There are several reasons if no one believes in you (or your idea):
1) Your idea is useless.
2) Your idea isn’t correctly communicated.
3) Your idea is great, but the world is not ready for it.
4) Or, maybe several of the options above!
And there are several roads to take.
It is your decision…besides several roads, I can summarize in 2:
1) Give up
2) Insist. Try again. Trying to improve!
What do you decide?
As you may know, my blog doesn’t have a lot of visitors, of course I can just forget it, but by keepying on writing, I’ve chosen option 2 :).
Last clarification: it’s not that the first option is the only one that deserves clapping. Giving up is not always so bad. Think about it: maybe it’s time to address your next idea. And after all… why should you lock your life with a single idea, with a single project? And as you may already know, success may come after several failures!

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