Mark Zuckerberg, your contacts and the world, may thank me for this


Ok, I admit it, maybe Mark Zuckerberg, your contacts, and the world maybe ignore my message. Actually I’m not someone important for the world (yet).

But nothing keeps me away from trying.

It’s 5 AM, and I had an Epiphany, like Homer Simpson’s

Short version, in the shape of a sentence:

I’m not sure how many steps I have left, maybe some hundreds, or several millions. But from now on, I’ll try that each of them, will take me to a place that I’m proud of reaching (José Negreira dixit)

Ok, but, does this have anything to do with Facebook?

Yes, because I’m taking a lot of steps, in my facebook wall. Probably, you do the same in your wall.

Extended version

For SEVERAL years, I had my facebook user, in ‘read only’ mode. Why? I thought it was a complete waste of time!

I changed my mind, and my contacts DO know that! Haha! This is a really interesting tool.

I thought about my facebook wall and my interventions. I have another article ‘being cooked’ about this, but now, I just want to focus in the following:

Try that your facebook wall, would have a content that you would be proud of! (Yes, You’re welcome, Mark Zuckerberg, I’m trying to add culture to your social network! 🙂 )

I’ll tell you more: based on what Jim Rohn said, who mentions the TREASURES that you’ll leave behind, when you abandon this world:

1) Your pictures. How much time do you invest by taking a picture? A fraction of a second! And it lasts forever. It keeps the memory alive, and it helps telling the story. Obviosly, I can add VIDEOS also.

2) your LIBRARY. The library that instructed you, that made you become the person you are. (he said a funny comment – your library is much more worthy that your couch!). Try that your library really shows that you are a great student of life.

3) Your notes. (Because you DO have notes, right?). They are your ideas, your vision of life, your experiences. It can be hand written, in the shape of a blog, or in the shape of a FACEBOOK WALL !

And I’d like to add:

4) Your MEMORIES. What you could teach, your stories, your shared moments. They are all priceless, and they don’t fit in the 3 items above.

5) I insist, and it deservs its OWN item number. YOUR FACEBOOK WALL.

It was never, never never easier in history, to write your own history, and leave it registered for ever.

Come on! I think you can write something more interesting, don’t you? 🙂

Facebook has a bad reputation, is because ALMOST everyone, publish ALMOST silly and superficial stuff. Let’s admit it.

Ok, I’m trying post by post, that my wall is DIFFERENT of that. And an important clarification:

I’m not saying to AVOID jokes, fun and silly stuff. No, no! Life is very short to take it 100% seriously. You MUST have fun, but just try to avoid 100% silly stuff.

I can say I try (just TRY) a rate of 70% / 30%.

70% IMHO important suff
30% jokes, silly stuff.

Sometimes more…sometimes less…

And I finish: try that your wall posts, make you proud 🙂

Who knows? maybe, just maybe, this is the 1st step that would take you to your next life level, and taking action. And then you’ll find yourself being proud of what you do in life, and not only by your facebook publications.

Which is in the end, the important.

Please, I’m not asking to agree, just promise me that you’re going to think about this – to make my insomnia worthy 😉

The alternative, is to ignore this, or get upset for this…at the end, I’m not anyone important.

Thanks for reading! Comments?

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  1. Versión en español, DEBAJO.

    Commenting MY own post (yes, this is possible!). Talking with a friend, who said that the rate should be the one that works for you, and not the one that ‘should be’. If you work in fun/jokes, it makes sense that the rate is 90 jokes / 10 serious. And it ‘s ok! It’s also ok if you just want to have fun in Facebook and that’s it.
    And, actually… making a self-evaluation. My rate is NOT 30 jokes, / 70 serious… Not at all! So, it was a nice writing, but hard to implement.
    And to conclude – you know what? YOUR RATE IS FINE !!!! BE HAPPY!!


    Aquí estoy comentando mi propio post (sí! es posible!!). Hablando con un amigo, que dijo que la razón de chistes/cosas serias debería ser aquella que te resulte útil, y no la que “DEBE SER”, y listo.

    Si acaso trabajás en humor/chistes/etc. tiene total sentido que la razón sea 90% chistes / 10% cosas serias (10% o menos). O simplemente, si deseás usar Facebook para divertirte, pasar el rato, y no tomárselo en serio.

    De hecho, haciendo una auto-evaluación: Mi razón definitivamente NO ES de 30% chistes y 70% cosas serias. Es muy fluctuante. Es muy lindo de escribir y ‘solicitarle al mundo’ que lo haga, pero es muy difícil de hacerlo uno mismo.

    Conclusión. Sabés qué? LA RAZÓN DE CHISTES/COSAS SERIAS que utilizás en tu muro de Facebook está bien, en tanto y en cuanto te sirva a vos!! Sé Feliz!!!


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