How are you paying Google for using their ‘free’ services?


Me, my friends, my coworkers, my family, is enjoying the ‘free’ Google Services.
And probably, you are enjoying them too, also your friends, coworkers, etc…

Are they really free? Ok, you don’t pay any money!

But you’re giving more data than what you think.

Let’s enumerate some Google services/sites/products:

  • Google Search
  • Youtube
  • Google Chrome
  • Google Drive
  • Gmail
  • Android Phone?

So, let’s answer the question in this article’s title.

Let me show you what you are providing Google:

Google Search

What you search, when you search, your interests.


Your preferences of what you search and what you like, but applied to videos.

Google Chrome

All your devices (this can also be ‘paid’ with the rest of the applications). Your favorite browsing sites, even when you bypass Google Search.

Google Drive

What you store, your interests a bit deeper.


Even deeper: Your e-mails and contacts

Android Phone?

Your contacts, plus any additional data. Phone calls.


Yes, for those who don’t know that Google Product, I’ll let you know: it’s just like Facebook, but you can find only nerds, computer science students and professionals (which may be just the same).
And, despite what you are thinking: YES! You think that you’re not using it, but YOU ARE!!!

Google Analytics

So, everything that you know about your visitors – Google also knows them as well.

Can I avoid this?

Of course, you can use an anonymous proxy, use alternative search engines, and do EVERYTHING to stay outside the radar of Google (or any other big or potential trackers). I honestly think it’s not worthy.

My opinion

I think it’s not worthy to avoid it. Why? Sharing my personal opinion here: I don’t really care (too much) about ANY of the above.

Despite this or any article, the only fact is that: I’m in LOVE with Google.

That means that I’m quite glad with the offered services, and I’m ok with the payment by sharing my data. Some people thinks that you’re selling your soul to the devil (which once used to be Microsoft, remember?).

Good for Google!
If you are as happy as I am…. 
Or…wait: So, you are not THAT happy, right? Ok, then you can wake up with this article 😛

 This has been originally posted on LinkedIn. Here, check this link.


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