Disagree with your idols (My case study: Jim Rohn)


Short Version

Think about one of your idols. It’s EASY to agree with him/her, right?

But, can you disagree? Can you disagree with your idol?
Of course you can. And my case of study is Jim Rohn, but it can be your idol of life, it can be a friend, a relative, a friend of a friend, your boss, a guy on the TV or internet, or anyone that you have the luck of enjoying ALMOST a constant agreement.

If you have an unconditional idol, the risk is that his/her thoughts may become your dogma.
Or in other words, anything that he/she produces IS COMPLETELY RIGHT.

This is the risk that I want to avoid!
Do the exercise of disagreeing with your idols.

You can easily notice a difference between these 2 thoughts:

1) If my idol said it, then it’s right. Period.
2) If my idol said it, and it may suit to my current situation and context, then it’s right.

Be careful if you tend to have the 1st. thought.
And this is not limited to thought leaders, it can be also to sport people. By the way, have you heard about the Maradonian Church?

Long version

Having said all those things in the short version, I must confess that I think almost everyting that Jim Rohn said is excellent. Not perfect, but almost. I’m sorry that he passed away some years ago, but his thoughts will be IMHO, life changing, definitively.

You may have noticed that I consider him an idol, because I usually include small quotes from him in my articles. But I haven’t written any article based only on him, or on what he said, YET.

If you search on internet, you may be surprised of the big amount of articles quoting him. Once, twice, and a thousand times.
– 20 quotes from Jim Rohn
– 10 life lessons from Jim Rohn
– 15 thoughts from Jim Rohn
– And so on…Etc, etc, etc.

This can be considered ‘Internet noise’, but in my opinion I don’t think it’s bad. Actually, I can see this as a positive thing. After all, for those who like and respect him – who will be opposed to see the good words from him EVERYWHERE?

I can do the same, but, wait a minute!! Are we adding any value on this? My article will be part of the hundreds of articles from authors that chose to use their time and words, to QUOTE him. Nothing more, nothing less. Also (let’s admit it), to grab some clicks, based on his name, for those who know Jim, it is click-baiting.
But, why shall I do the same? When I can actually do something different…

So, let’s disagree with Jim Rohn

(It was not an easy task! His thoughts are so full of common sense!)
BUT anyway, I could find 4 thoughs of Jim Rohn, that I can say I disagree with:

1) Skip the trash
2) There are no new fundamentals
3) If you fail, be SURE to be sorry
4) Don’t ask for security, ask for adventure. Better to live 30 years full of adventure, than a hundred years safe in the corner.

1) “Skip the trash”
Context: you should read, read, read a lot. But I wouldn’t go to a poor novel. Yes, I can find something valuable in the trash can, but I wouldn’t search there.

Why do I disagree? I can say that in exact same context (which is reading books) I could get some jewels from those ‘almost-free’ books. Those were in the offers, ridiculously cheap offers. I found, for example, a Seth Godin book (my other Idol!!). And, following that line of thought, I can maybe find a Jim Rohn book there.

So, will I trust the ‘cheap’ sign? Or I can maybe find something uplifting! No matter the price tag!
I can say those books, are more worthy that what they cost. I think most of the time, they are a WIN/WIN situation. So, sorry Jim Rohn, but I disagree.

By the way, in the book world, what would you consider trash?? It can be a cheap book, or a book that critic destroyed, or a book that the author usually is destroyed by the critic, and so on…

2) “There are no new fundamentals”
Context: Beware of someone who claims to know NEW fundamentals. It’s like someone who has a factory of antiques.

We can discuss a LOT with this one. And of course, we can turn ourselves as strict as we possibly can, to force the above phrase to be TRUE and always true.
So we’ll have no other choice to agree.
But, for example, talking about internet, computers, mobile, and technology. I think I see NEW fundamentals everyday.

AGAIN: you can discard my phrase, just saying: Hey! Internet doesn’t change. A fundamental change on internet is done with a new protocol, but not with a new website.
Did Facebook and/or Twitter changed Internet? Or are they just “another new website” ?

3) “if you fail, be sure to feel sorry”
Context: (example). You are broke. Try to put a BIG sign in your refrigerator, so all the time that you go to the kitchen, you remember how broke you are.

Ok, you failed. There’s no reason to be happy. You should NOT be indulgent.
But please, AVOID self-destructive behavior!!! You can be positive.

4) “Don’t ask for security, ask for adventure. Better to live 30 years full of adventure, than a hundred years safe in the corner.”

This is super personal, because you may agree 100% with that, if you are risk-friendly.
But in my case, I definitely prefer Seth Godin way of thinking, because he advices about taking risks: “Take APROPIATE risks, and by appropiate I mean risks that keep you in the game even if you fail”.

It’s ok if you like to practice extreme sports, and take those kind of risks. I’d like to avoid them, which doesn’t mean that I’d prefer to be “safe in the corner”, there is a infinite alternatives in between.

To summarize

Just remember these two thoughts:

1) If my idol said it, then it’s right. Period.
2) If my idol said it, and it may suit to my current situation and context, then it’s right.

There is NO disagreement. Have you noticed that?
There is nothing wrong about agreeing 100% of someone’s way of thinking. This article has the only motivation Just take a second look.

My phrase to finish would be:
Always evaluate the ideas, and remember that the important part of an idea is its content, and not its author (José Negreira)


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