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Five Things for 2015


There is a phrase that says “If something good, if it’s brief, it’s twice as good”. I’ll try to keep things short.

For several years, I found myself at the end of the year, doing a balance of the year coming to its end, and also enumerating wishes and objectives for next year. This usually was private, more for a ritual than for its content. Considering that this is the first year with my own active blog, why shouldn’t I publish this?
Maybe they are brief, they are simple, but despite this, those objectives have PREVIOUSLY been objectives in my life and I could not accomplish them, it’s quite hard for me.
Of course I’m excluding any personal and about feelings, that would be still private, no need to publish.
I hope in 2015:
  1. less words and more actions.
  2. there will be NO excuses.
  3. each objective, will have its own plan, and its own follow-up.
  4. I will work hard in myself (physically and intellectually).
  5. effort and keeping it up, will allow me to say at the end of the year that I MADE IT.
The important thing here, is that nothing of this will be found in the Christmas Tree, it depends 100% on me.
Sometimes, I feel able to achieve this and much more. It’s curious, but I will remember 2014 because I had that feeling quite often, so brave. It’s a pity that at this moment, I read this and I don’t believe it. In any case, the first step when talking about objectives, is to be clear about the WHAT, and then, about the HOW.
Have a great 2015 !!! It depends on you :)

Don’t get trapped by dogma


What is dogma?

Dogma is something that doesn’t change with time. It has consistency.
Dogma is something that is NOT aware of the context. It is independent.

On the other hand…
it does not evolve, or it hardly evolves.
no adaptability.

So you are away from dogma?
I’m not so sure.
Actually, I think that you can’t get away from dogma.

Leaving, for example, religion outside of the equation, I can take as an example, these opposed thoughts:
1) Get away from dogma.
2) Get close to dogma.

Both of them, are dogmatic thoughts.
You may probably have not one, but SEVERAL dogmatic thoughts and/or behaviours.
A dogmatic behaviour, is not inherently bad by itself. Don’t worry.
Some of them may be a problem, but some of them may help!!

Best dogmas are those than make you a better person, and to help others.
Who can be against any of these dogmatic thoughts? Not me, at least! That is for sure.

In my personal case, I usually go through the path of: adaptability, flexibility and evolution.
That’s why I’m not a good friend of (any) dogma.

If you want consistency, independence, dogma may help you! And that’s it from my part. I hope that I’ve helped, or at least, I hope that I have motivated thinking about yourself. And if you wish to share in the shape of a comment, much better! For example:

What dogmatic thoughts do you have?

Do you think that it’s better to get close to dogma? or is it better to get away from it?

Thanks for reading :)

This article’s title, was Steve Jobs’ phrase in his speech at Stanford University.

World cup Keep Ons


I’m taking a minute, to give some strength, from here, using my way, to those who deserve it:

To teams, and to people

Keep on going Argentina! For the first time in a long time (really long long time: 24 years!), we’re in semifinals, which is the 1st that meets the eye, but we also playing the SEVEN matches in a world cup!We’re making history. Let’s continue on this path!

We’re making sport history, I know that maybe, arguably, it’s not the kind of history that’s important for a coutry, but it is the more passionate for us!

Keep on going Costa Rica! Keep making history! And by analyzing how are you fighting again Ntherlands, I hope you’ll make a statue to your goalkeeper. And it wasn’t easy, but a remarkable situation to survive the 1st. phase: you were in the ‘group of death’, with 3 ex-world champion teams. OMG!

Keep on going Bélgica, Colombia, México y Suiza! I honestly think that you have lost with honour!

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