How are you paying Google for using their ‘free’ services?

Me, my friends, my coworkers, my family, is enjoying the ‘free’ Google Services.And probably, you are enjoying them too, also your friends, coworkers, etc… Are they really free? Ok, you don’t pay any money! But you’re giving more data than what you think. Let’s enumerate some Google services/sites/products:

SEO and REDIRECTIONS easily explained

But, first, some important words, for those who KNOW, use, implement, and ask for SEO. SEO is important. HOWEVER, if success of your site and/or business depends ONLY on search engine results, you may have a bad time. Actually, CONTENT is king. I honestly think that with great content, and a solid user base, you can […]

Mark Zuckerberg, your contacts and the world, may thank me for this

Ok, I admit it, maybe Mark Zuckerberg, your contacts, and the world maybe ignore my message. Actually I’m not someone important for the world (yet). But nothing keeps me away from trying. It’s 5 AM, and I had an Epiphany, like Homer Simpson’s Short version, in the shape of a sentence: I’m not sure how […]