Selective sensitivity of environment

Using difficult words, I thought about naming it: selective sensitivity of environment. In easy words: know what to pay attention, and what not. This is something common, and people that REACH their objectives have this ability. Worldwide known people, and anonymous ones. And it goes far beyond just focusing: these ‘different’ people can decide where to put their […]

6 questions that may help you to have a better life

Today, I’ve managed to put together this list of questions. It’s not the first time that I’ve asked and answered them, eventually, and each one separated from the rest. Remarkably, I usually answer 0 (ZERO) for most of the questions. There is something worse than answering 0, which is not paying enough attention of that, […]

Xouscast 3 – Receiving negative feedback

So here you have: Feedback! For the way that I see it, it is the start of a path of improvement. You may receive positive or negative feedback. And the obvious is that everyone prefers to receive or give positive feedback. I’d like to expose some concepts about receiving negative feedback. Using the half-empty, half-full […]

Xouscast 2 – PUX – Personal User Experience

Everyone is talking about User Experience (UX). Of course: UX applied for your website, your product, your whatever. But what about the user experience that YOU generate? Have you ever thought about it? This video has the objective to motivate you to think about it. In this second Podcast I will share some tips mostly on […]

How are you paying Google for using their ‘free’ services?

Me, my friends, my coworkers, my family, is enjoying the ‘free’ Google Services.And probably, you are enjoying them too, also your friends, coworkers, etc… Are they really free? Ok, you don’t pay any money! But you’re giving more data than what you think. Let’s enumerate some Google services/sites/products:

So you’re an adult but still want to celebrate kid’s day? Deserve it!

So you’re an adult, but still want to celebrate kid’s day? Deserve it! Kids have some great skills than unfortunately when you grow up, they get lost, or in the best case scenario: diminished. I think that successful people keep somehow these skills. Hey! I’m not saying that it’s magical, but they may help you 🙂