Xous.Org is a personal blog of José Negreira.

Most of the topics that you can find will be about:

  • Productivity
  • Time management
  • Personal development
  • Opinion and personal philosophy
  • Communication skills
  • Leadership
  • Personal Finance
  • Internet and social networks

Honestly, I have to say that I don’t master all those topics, but actually I usually find myself struggling with them. Maybe, you too :).

Anyway, I think it is a good exercise to share all that I’m learning. The good way and the hard way.

Why? or What is this blog for?

I have three objectives, just that. A small one, a medium-sized one, and a BIG objective.

The small objective: As you may imagine, I’m investing a lot of time here. And I find this uplifting and useful. My main objective, is that the time that you invest here, turns to be entertaining and above all, useful for you. Tiny. Simple.

The medium objective: is that you find any of these articles making you at least think about it.  It can be a motivation for any improvement, any fine-tuning, or any better-way to do things.

The BIG objective: is that you find any of these articles so useful that they can represent  a positive impact in your whole life, and also that they can help motivating yourself  to help others to improve their lives.

No matter which ‘objective-level’ I could manage to reach. As I DO NOT use any kind of promotion as social networks, I hope that you find any of the content, worth sharing. It’s the easiest way to help others, without a big effort, just a couple of clicks away.

Think about it, and give away those clicks in order to share and let someone else know about Xous.Org.

Thanks for passing by

José R. Negreira

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