6 questions that may help you to have a better life


Today, I’ve managed to put together this list of questions. It’s not the first time that I’ve asked and answered them, eventually, and each one separated from the rest.

Remarkably, I usually answer 0 (ZERO) for most of the questions.

There is something worse than answering 0, which is not paying enough attention of that, which means: doing NOTHING to change those answers.
And I think that the worst of it all: is NOT even take 10 minutes of your time, to just ASK these questions. Yes! this shouln’t take more than 10 minutes!!!

I always receive feedback, evaluations, I evaluate myself over several aspects. But in the rush of every day of your life, I usually forget the important.

You may find helpful to ask this EVERY WEEK OF YOUR LIFE:

About your last week:

  1. Number of days used to make exercise?
  2. Number of days used to read a book?
  3. Number of days used to learn something new?
  4. Number of days used to teach something new?
  5. Number of days used to INTENTIONALLY get closer to my dreams and future plans?
  6. Number of days used to INTENTIONALLY be happy?

These are just 6 questions, and I am sure that you can customize this in order to have a list that suits you better.
Feel free to ADD YOUR OWN (useful) questions.

I hope that for most of them, you can write down “7” as an answer.
And even for the last 2 items, which may result somewhat abstract and/or poetical, I hope that 7 days a week are not enough for you. If so, THAT may represent a great life.
If you paid attention, I didn’t focus on the results, but on the actions.

And most of all, I honestly hope that you ask yourself these questions NOW, instead of the day that you are dying.
You probably didn’t hear about Bronnie Ware. This nurse listened to the most common regrets of dying people, and wrote an article, and a book about it. It’s not my intention to add noise where there is already a lot on internet. You can Google her to see what I am talking about.

This article has the objective to avoid you to regret, but to build the life that you want.
No regrets. Just plans, and actions that make those plans a REALITY. Pursue your happiness, every week, every day.
Go! You can start NOW.

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  1. Uffff!!!… Hace varios años atrás he llegado a ese punto en donde lo no hecho surge ante la presencia de la finitud. Cuantas preguntas con respuesta 0, que aun siguen pendientes en esa creencia de que somos eternos . Sin embargo, he aprendido a observar que somos alumnos y maestro de todo aquello que nos rodea. Me ha dado la posibilidad de poner en practica , aunque reconozco que por momentos me dejo llevar por vorágine de la que soy parte y paso por alto el tomarme 10 minutos para preguntarme que hice?
    Gracias Jose por recordarme que la finitud es tangible!

    1. Muchas gracias a vos por pasarte a comentar!!
      Luego de releer el artículo, obviamente me doy cuenta de que me quedé corto con las preguntas, son ‘apenas 6’ y podrían ser unas cuantas más. Hay un montón de cosas para evaluar.
      Pero con el objetivo de NO hacerlo tedioso (aún si toma apenas 10 minutos, nos da fiaca hacerlo), mejor mantenerlo breve, y será 2 veces bueno.

      Sigo dejándome llevar por la vorágine también, y termino pasando por alto esta autoevaluación!

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