Most unlikely it is “the same as nothing”


Watching a TED talk is the same as nothing.
Doing 10 pushups in the morning is the same as nothing.
If you have an idea, it is the same as nothing.

Of course, there will be better alternatives, more effective, faster actions….
You can take a course, go to a gym, or the idea that we have in our head, be brave and make it happen.

But if someone shouts out loud “it’s the same as nothing”, he or she may probably wrong. And if what you’re doing is part of something bigger, he or she is more wrong.

Watching throughout the window is the same as nothing? No. All I have just written (and my previous article), do you know when it came from? You guessed right… while watching throughout the window.

Reading this article is the same as nothing? I hope not!

Itching In A Woman

The downside of a constant positive vision

mujer rascandose un brazo

If we have an itch, we can think it’s not a big deal.

Or we can, in a ridiculous way, think in all the other places where we don’t have any itch. And smile for seeing the positive side of things.

I’m not against a positive vision. In fact, I think my vision is mostly positive.

However, once a day, once a week, once a month, we need to evaluate what’s on the half-empty part of the glass. Or we just become a conformist.

If we have an itch, we have to scratch it. Or at least we have to try! If we don’t reach the place, let’s use a pencil, something, or we can ask somebody help.  On the opposite, there are dozens of ways to just endure it.