Don’t get trapped by dogma


What is dogma?

Dogma is something that doesn’t change with time. It has consistency.
Dogma is something that is NOT aware of the context. It is independent.

On the other hand…
it does not evolve, or it hardly evolves.
no adaptability.

So you are away from dogma?
I’m not so sure.
Actually, I think that you can’t get away from dogma.

Leaving, for example, religion outside of the equation, I can take as an example, these opposed thoughts:
1) Get away from dogma.
2) Get close to dogma.

Both of them, are dogmatic thoughts.
You may probably have not one, but SEVERAL dogmatic thoughts and/or behaviours.
A dogmatic behaviour, is not inherently bad by itself. Don’t worry.
Some of them may be a problem, but some of them may help!!

Best dogmas are those than make you a better person, and to help others.
Who can be against any of these dogmatic thoughts? Not me, at least! That is for sure.

In my personal case, I usually go through the path of: adaptability, flexibility and evolution.
That’s why I’m not a good friend of (any) dogma.

If you want consistency, independence, dogma may help you! And that’s it from my part. I hope that I’ve helped, or at least, I hope that I have motivated thinking about yourself. And if you wish to share in the shape of a comment, much better! For example:

What dogmatic thoughts do you have?

Do you think that it’s better to get close to dogma? or is it better to get away from it?

Thanks for reading :)

This article’s title, was Steve Jobs’ phrase in his speech at Stanford University.