What is success?

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About 1 year ago, I’ve shared via Facebook the following phrase: “What is Success? it is the ability to go to sleep with a peaceful soul”.

I think it’s author is Paulo Coelho but I can’t confirm it. After thinking in my commute, I can say I disagree with the phrase.

Despite I shared it, I don’t share that way of thinking.

Let’s see:

Is it a nice phrase? yes

is it comfortable? yes BUT, I wouldn’t use the word ‘Success’, I can say… ‘peace’, ‘personal happiness’, but I would not use the word SUCCESS to describe that. That phrase, tends to hold ourselves back. Continue reading

The absolute truth about internet

Monkey Smells ass and falls down

I have been an internet user for about 20 years. And I know a fact about it. You also know it, but I can tell you that particularly in this year, 2014, I was able to experiment and LIVE it. I’m talking about the following fact:

Internet sites, which include of course social networks and video sites like Youtube are useful for more important things that watching a falling monkey after smelling his own ass.

Right, you already know this! Maybe not the detail about the monkey, but…  So, there’s nothing new under the sun.

Despite we have access to material: books, blog articles, tutorials, papers, courses, trainings and a almost infinite etcetera…what do we do? We just keep watching the last video clip where the popstar dances semi naked… or well the classic video of the falling monkey.

I would love to say that if I had access to this apparently useful material, and the tools during my first years at school I would be like Einstein. But that is a big LIE, as I also fall in the tentation of the monkey video. It’s not about the available material, but only the will to use it wisely, and of course, the ability to WISELY choose the useful, instead of just waste time and have fun (which is sometimes a need, and it has nothing bad by itself!)

I hope to contribute with my thoughts. Hopefully you find my thoughts interesting, worth discussing or even worth sharing. But it’s up to you.

Welcome :)