Can you solve the code?



Solución: 718 (usando solo 4 de las 5 pistas :P )
Análisis detallado:
Repasemos las pistas:
a) 548 – 1 nro ok y bien puesto.
b) 530 – nada correcto.
c) 157 – dos nros correctos pero mal ubicados.
d) 806 – un nro correcto pero mal ubicado
e) 647 – un nro correcto pero mal ubicado

No arrancaré con la 1ra pista, sino con la 2da.
Es la que nos da una excelente información.

b) 530 – nada correcto.

Lo cual, nos hace pensar en la 1ra. afirmación
(A1): el numero no tendrá ningún 5, ningún 3, y ningún 0.

a) 548 – un nro ok y bien puesto.

Esto significa que nuestra respuesta final será: 5xx, o x4x, o xx8.
pero recordando A1: NINGUN CINCO! Se descarta la 1ra opcion, quedando:
x4x o xx8. O sea que tenemos una posible cifra de nuestro número.
Afirmaciones hasta aquí:
(A1): el numero no tendrá ningún 5, ningún 3, y ningún 0
(A2) o el numero termina en 8, o el numero tiene un 4 en el medio.

c) 157 – dos nros correctos pero mal ubicados.
Sabemos por la 1ra afirmación, que el 5 no va.

Tercera afirmacion (y algunas de BONUS, que nos servirán):
(A3) el numero contiene 1 y contiene un 7 pero no se ubican así: 1×7
(A3′) el numero no arranca en 1
(A3″) el numero no termina en 7
(estas 2 afirmaciones evitan que al final nos quite el sueño con qué numero nos quedamos)

Sabiendo que el nro termina en 8, o tiene un 4 en el medio, ya tendríamos los 3 posibles números.
Si tiene un 4 en el medio, las posibilidades son 2:
- 147 – no válida! por (A3)
- 741

Si el nro termina en 8, las posibilidades serían:
- 178 – no válida! por (A3′)
- 718.
Cuarta afirmación: (A4) El numero final es alguno de estos 2: 741 o 718.

d) 806 – un numero correcto pero mal ubicado.
De los 3 numeros que nos dan: 8, 0, y 6. Resulta que el 0 y el 6 no se encuentra en ninguno de los 2 números que son nuestros candidatos.
El único que sí está, es el 8. Está dentro de (A4), así que la conclusión es:
RESPUESTA FINAL: el numero correcto es 718.

e) 647 – un nro correcto pero mal ubicado.
Como ya llegamos al resultado final, no hace falta ni evaluar esta opción.
De todos formas, no nos resultaría útil, porque llegamos a la conclusión de que el 7 es el número correcto.
Pero con la ‘mala suerte’ de que no nos ayuda con los 2 números que fijamos en (A4), entre 741 y 718.FB_IMG_1499533809784


Xouscast 5 – 20 “C”s for success

Las 20 C's del éxito
Las 20 C’s del éxito

I started this new podcast, with the short version of the podcast.

If you don’t want to watch the whole video, and actually you don’t even want to click on the play button, here you have:

My dad once told me: “if you want to suceed, pay attention to these 3 factors: ability, perseverance, and luck“.

I didn’t like that, considering that it means that 33% of your success, depends on luck. Although I’m not discarding any of these 3 factors, I’ve compiled them with another 17 items (all of them, in spanish, start with the “C” letter).

I hope you enjoy it, and specially I hope that you find this useful. Thanks for watching!

Video – Xouscast #5

PS: Sorry, but english translation is not ready yet.

PS2: considering that this is Xouscast #5 you may assume that there is a Xouscast #4. Actually, there isn’t (yet). But I hope I’ll fix that soon.

Conflict management

without reprehensible actions there will be less room for reprehension
without reprehensible actions
there will be less room for reprehension

If you don’t want to read too much, the meme I made for this article summarizes preety well what the article says.

I have a method quite effective to avoid conflicts with your employer, partner, friends, etc:

  • 90% by avoiding doing things that are reprensible, or a reprensible attitude.
  • 10% by accepting reprensible things, or reprensible attitudes.

This doesn’t avoid all conflicts, but it leaves less room for reprisements.
In the 1st. item attacking causes, and in the 2nd. one, managing the consequences.

Some clarifications:

  1. Of course, anyone can judge on his/her way. Also, there will be a unanimous(?) agreement that on some acts are more than reprisable. They are unacceptable.
  2. Each person will establish his/her percentages according to the type of relationship we’re talking about: are we talking about your mate? your job, your friends? etc…
  3. And I never said these percentages will remain still. They may probably go back and forward, depending how old, the time of your life, your experiences. Today it can be 90/10, tomorrow 70/30, even 50/50, etc…

My only warning would be: don’t wait to the point where we are 90% accepting (or expecting acceptation).
Don’t play with your patience. Don’t play with the patience of others.

Problems of Argentina


One of my Facebook contact published the following request (complete the sentence):

The problem is not Macri, it’s not Cristina. The problem of Argentina is that ___.

Also clarifying that those who know how to correctly complete the sentence, will also know that there is no short-term solution. Mi answer was:

The problem is not Macri, it’s not Cristina. The problem of Argentina is that “is full of argentinians”.

He said that this phrase was said several times, and from people that doesn’t live inside a bubble.

My reasons:

It’s quite sad – we usually take advantage (sometimes this is *good*, but the problem is when we bypass rules and/or authority). Just stand in a street intersection, just 2 minutes.

When the semaphore goes from green to yellow, it means: “Hurry up”, and for motorcycles, semaphore’s red color is simply optional.

People walking, cross the street on every place. I’ve seen and did it several times. It’s not a particular case, it’s something GENERAL/GLOBAL. All really sad.

I’m a participant, not just pointing with my finger. A direct and indiret participant.

Direct: when I cross wherever I want. Crossing the exclusive-for-bus path on the middle of the street. Maybe I’ll learn and reflect this when I got hit by a motorcycle (which uses the exclusive-for-bus path as a highway).

Indirect: when I see someone else doing the same, I start losing the chance to get surprised, and get angry. We allow this.

Second problem: “we fix it with a wire”. I think I’ve read this from Marcos Aguinis. But this phrase is a classic. This is something good by itself. It can be a reason for admiration, inside and outside the country. To find an alternative and valid solution, without the expected resources. Where is the problem? When we think that the wire works for everything. And in our toolbox, we have ONLY wires. Too bad!

There must be dozens of issues, but I think that if we can get rid of those 2, we can move on for the better :)

The most important thing in life


After so long without writing, I’ve read again all the subjects that I’ve been writing about. And I found myself surprised of not writing a particular article about what I consider it’s the most important thing in life.
(Small update: actually, I did write once about it, but it was not an exclusive article, like this one)

The article picture is a spoiler, but let’s pretend that you did not see it.

People consider other people as the most important.
People consider health as the most important thing.
People consider money as the most important thing.

Now, all the above is REALLY important. However, there is something that is IMHO more important, because of
And that is time.

Health comes and goes, according to our discipline.
Money also comes and goes.
Even people come and go. Some to never return again.

But time does not come and go. People has only one direction. Time comes once, and goes once, and it NEVER returns.
The quote of “make up for lost time” is an oxymoron.

Right, you think that you make up for lost time if you do things faster today July 31st.
But you won’t have again the hours you wasted yesterday on July 30th.

Although I consider the most important thing I have, I’ve usually waste it, and I probably continue wasting it.
It would be great to use time trying to be happy, and make happy to the people that we consider important.
Without risking our health, and with a responsible use of money (as I may probably have said somewhere before, money is for use, not for waste).

Making the above less abstract: one day has 24hs, you have 2 ways to not waste time:

  • doing exactly what you’ve planned (and maybe achieving objectives)
  • reaching ‘eternal instants’ (right, another oxymoron).

Believe me, if you can achieve something of these two, I am preety sure that by the end of day, you won’t feel that you’ve wasted your time.


Sweet dreams


I usually dream with beloved ones that have passed away.
I bring them back to life and they give me a hug.

Instead of just closing my eyes and enjoy the hug…I ask myself tons of rational questions, until the hug ends…until the dream ends.

When you are asleep it is hard to take the lead, but when you are awake…your dreams are your objectives.

Use your conciousness to find threats and weak points, to make your dreams STRONGER. Don’t let your conciousness destroy them.

Picture by Kelsey Johnson (

Selective sensitivity of environment

Using difficult words, I thought about naming it: selective sensitivity of environment.
In easy words: know what to pay attention, and what not.
This is something common, and people that REACH their objectives have this ability. Worldwide known people, and anonymous ones. And it goes far beyond just focusing: these ‘different’ people can decide where to put their attention, in a very smart way.

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Five Things for 2015


There is a phrase that says “If something good, if it’s brief, it’s twice as good”. I’ll try to keep things short.

For several years, I found myself at the end of the year, doing a balance of the year coming to its end, and also enumerating wishes and objectives for next year. This usually was private, more for a ritual than for its content. Considering that this is the first year with my own active blog, why shouldn’t I publish this?
Maybe they are brief, they are simple, but despite this, those objectives have PREVIOUSLY been objectives in my life and I could not accomplish them, it’s quite hard for me.
Of course I’m excluding any personal and about feelings, that would be still private, no need to publish.
I hope in 2015:
  1. less words and more actions.
  2. there will be NO excuses.
  3. each objective, will have its own plan, and its own follow-up.
  4. I will work hard in myself (physically and intellectually).
  5. effort and keeping it up, will allow me to say at the end of the year that I MADE IT.
The important thing here, is that nothing of this will be found in the Christmas Tree, it depends 100% on me.
Sometimes, I feel able to achieve this and much more. It’s curious, but I will remember 2014 because I had that feeling quite often, so brave. It’s a pity that at this moment, I read this and I don’t believe it. In any case, the first step when talking about objectives, is to be clear about the WHAT, and then, about the HOW.
Have a great 2015 !!! It depends on you :)

Disagree with your idols (My case study: Jim Rohn)


Short Version

Think about one of your idols. It’s EASY to agree with him/her, right?

But, can you disagree? Can you disagree with your idol?
Of course you can. And my case of study is Jim Rohn, but it can be your idol of life, it can be a friend, a relative, a friend of a friend, your boss, a guy on the TV or internet, or anyone that you have the luck of enjoying ALMOST a constant agreement.

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Objective: that you always find something useful and worth sharing